Cello and chamber music
11 - 18 July



July 11 9.00 a.m. - Caetani Castle, Sermoneta


Applicants are requested to send to by 30 May a link of short video (uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive or Vimeo) of a recent performance (no more than 1 year old), with at least 10 minutes of music and possibly with at least 2 different pieces of 2 different composers (single movements are accepted) of contrasting character. In the case of videos of whole pieces (a whole sonata, a whole concerto), a single composer is to be considered enough. For the videos the piano assistant is not required. Each student will receive at least 4 lessons, and collective lessons and ensemble activities are provided. The course will take place only with a minimum of 8 students.


Students and teachers will not be provided with hospitality in the Castle, where only didactic activities and concerts will take place. Students will therefore arrange their own accommodation and stay independently. The Campus undertakes to promote concessions with operators: all updated information can be found on the link. For further information here. Foreign students are required to take out health insurance cover or to provide a consular statement of their right to medical assistance under the appropriate international convention. Within 8 days of their arrival in Italy, students must go to the Foreign Department of the Police (Questura) to obtain the residential permit for study purposes.