Art. 1 - The International Music Campus Foundation selects young musicians - who have not turned to the age of 25 within the application deadline - for the realization of an Orchestral Master's held by M° Daniele Agiman, Professor of Orchestra Direction at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan, to be held from 16th to 21st July 2019 in the Caetani Castle in Sermoneta, as part of the Specialization and Musical Interpretation Courses in Sermoneta 2019, for the following staff:
• 4 first violin
• 3 second violin
• 2 violas
• 2 cellos
• 1 double bass
• 2 oboes
• 2 horns
Art. 2 - All candidates interested are requested to send to sermonetacorsi@campusmusica.it by June 30th, 2019, for an audition, the link of a video of their recent performance (not older than one year) for a total duration of at least 10 minutes, possibly including at least 2 pieces by different composers and of contrasting character. In the case of complete works (entire sonata, entire concert), only one work and composer is required.
Art. 3 - The selected students participating in the Orchestral Master will improve the study of the following works:
F. J. Haydn, Concerto per cello in do maggiore (here)
W. A. Mozart, Sinfonia n. 29 K 201 (here)
The task for each student will be to carry out the preliminary study of the pieces proposed in the Master's program.
The same pieces will then be the subject of concertation during the Master and will constitute the program of the final concert of the activities which will be held at 7.30 pm at the Fossanova Infirmary on 21st July 2019 within the 55th Pontino Festival.
Maestro Giovanni Gnocchi will participate in the concert as a soloist.
Art. 4 - Methods of participation: the candidates selected to participate in the Orchestral Master must present to the Secretariat of the International Music Campus Foundation within July 2nd the application form to confirm their commitment to participate in all the activities foreseen by the Master: the execution of the pieces in the program, the free performance in the final concert and the use of their image in compliance with the provisions of the new rules on the protection of personal data.
Sending the application form implies full knowledge and acceptance of the Foundation's rules concerning the accomodation and the activities at the Sermoneta Caetani Castle (Museo Castello Caetani).
Art. 5 - Participation fee: the participation to the Master will have a cost of €100.00 (one hundred) of which €20.00 (twenty) to be paid at the time of registration by bank transfer (net of commissions) in favor of:
Fondazione Campus Internazionale di Musica
Banca Popolare di Fondi filiale di Latina: IBAN IT76L 05296 14700 CC 00800 42292
The remaining fee can be paid at the beginning of the Master directly to the Course Secretariat in Sermoneta.
Students in good standing with the payment of the fee will be entitled of free board and lodging in the Caetani Castle of Sermoneta for the duration of the Master.
Art. 6 - The selected students must guarantee their presence with the orchestra throughout the duration of the rehearsals which will take place from 16th to 20th July 2019 and at the concert on 21st July 2019.
Art. 7 - To all the students who have completed the Orchestral Master, will be also issued a Certificate of participation to the final concert.
Art. 8 - For any controversy the Court of Latina is competent.