July 6 - 15


Candidates must send to the secretary of Campus, together with the application form, two scores in PDF format of their recent chamber music composition that will be examined by the teacher. Admission will be notified by June 25.  

6 July 9.00 a.m. - Caetani Castle, Sermoneta

-Individual classes: the student has the possibility to compose (under the guide of the teacher) a short piece for one, two or three instruments to be chosen between violin,  cello and piano.
The student can begin his own piece before the Course but the score must be still open. 
The pieces will be studied by Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano),  Maria Eleonora Caminada (soprano) and Riccardo Cavaliere (sax), and will be performed in a public workshop on July 15 at Caetani Castle. At the end of the performance a committee, formed by the teacher, the perfomers and a representative of the Campus, will choose one or more young composers and will recommend a new piece of him/them works to the Contemporary Music days in the Festival Pontino 2023 (Contemporary Music Session of Festival Pontino 2023).
- Group lessons with explanation of compositional techniques and  practice
- Every two days analysis lessons of important historical or contemporary works.
These lessons will be open to all the students of the instrumental courses.
The course will take place only with a minimum of 8 students.

Students and teachers will not be provided with hospitality in the Castle, where only didactic activities and concerts will take place. Students will therefore arrange their own accommodation and stay independently. The Campus undertakes to promote concessions with operators: all updated information can be found on the link. For further information here. Foreign students are required to take out health insurance cover or to provide a consular statement of their right to medical assistance under the appropriate international convention. Within 8 days of their arrival in Italy, students must go to the Foreign Department of the Police (Questura) to obtain the residential permit for study purposes.